XO-4 HDMI output

Tom Parker tom at carrott.org
Wed Jul 17 04:45:32 EDT 2013


How does the HDMI output on the XO-4 work? I've got a micro-HDMI to 
regular HDMI cable and also an HDMI-DVI adaptor. I tried connecting to 
the the HDMI input of a TV and that worked in both sugar and the 
firmware. Quality was kinda poor (like it was doing some scaling, which 
I guess it has to if it's doing mirror and filling both screens) and the 
mouse pointer didn't show up on the TV. I didn't check the output of 
xrandr in this configuration.

When I connect to a regular monitor via the DVI adaptor, the monitor 
detects the presence of the laptop and goes to sleep. In the open 
firmware, if I type 720p, I get the firmware on the screen. If I then 
type bye, the laptop boots normally but there is no further output on 
the screen. I don't see any additional displays in xrandr.

Unfortunately I forgot to try hdmi_ctl from 
http://wiki.laptop.org/go/XO_4_HDMI_Debug I'll try that tomorrow.

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