NANDblaster for 13.2.0

James Cameron quozl at
Fri Jul 12 07:43:48 EDT 2013


NANDblaster is a way to install the operating system on many laptops
at once.  One laptop transmits the data, and each of the other laptops
receives it.

Up until 13.2.0-12 our NANDblaster did not work.  We had broken it, sorry.

This is fixed now for the next build, or the firmware can be upgraded: for XO-1 for XO-1.5 for XO-1.75 for XO-4

Further documentation can be found here:

Note a strange restriction; a laptop will joyfully install an
operating system from another laptop, even if it is not compatible.
e.g. an XO-1.5 build on an XO-1.75 or vice versa.  Have to take care
not to mix laptop models at this stage.  See the above Wiki page for
the subtleties.

James Cameron

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