[Sugar-devel] Copying contents of Journal to transfer from XO-1.75 to XO-4

Jerry Vonau jerry at laptop.org.au
Sun Jul 7 06:47:25 EDT 2013

Hi Tabitha,

On 7 July 2013 03:59, Tabitha Roder <tabitha at tabitha.net.nz> wrote:

> Hi
> We are swapping out a classroom of XO-1.75s to XO-4s (known as XO-Duos in
> Australia I think). Is there a way of taking the majority of the contents
> of the Journal from XO-1.75 onto USB and then putting it into the Journal
> of the XO-4s?

Maybe, but your moving from sugar .94 to .98. I don't think there are any
datastore issues to deal with.

> I am not too concerned with getting all the data, but would like to at
> least get sound, video and images they have created, as well as Write
> files. Would be great if we can also get Turtleart projects and other
> activity output, so would appreciate any suggestions that people have.
> I am familiar with drag and drop the file from the Journal to the USB
> icon, but that is one file at a time, so hoping there is another way.
I would try the backup/restore functionality of Dextrose to accomplish
that. Insert your usbkey / right click on the usbkey's icon in the journal
/ select backup. The backup is stored in "usbkey"/backups/"serial
number"/datastore.tar.gz. Change the "serial number" directory of the
source machine to be that of the target XO-4's serial number. Insert your
usbkey / right click on the usbkey's icon in the journal / select restrore

> We are planning on installing XO-system 1a (build 49) from Australia.
> We are assuming the XO-1.75s have an old Australian build on them but
> don't have these details.
Good, that has an older version of Dextrose that should work.

> We'll be at the school Monday-Wednesday NZ time so hoping for suggestions
> or instructions within this timeframe.

Glad to be of service,


> Thank you
> Tabitha
> New Zealand
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