Auckland Testing Summary 6 July 2013

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Sat Jul 6 06:01:52 EDT 2013

Auckland Testing Summary 6 July 2013
Who: John, Tabitha, Tom

Testing XO-system 1a For XO-4 (build 46)
Sugar 0.98.7
Firmware Q7B35

Found that my previously described customization script was not working 
right -- the /etc/sysconfig/keyboard change is overwritten during first 
boot! Updated the customization script to also hack olpc-configure. Will 
look at options to do this better later.

Found that this build does not include the Maori translations for sugar 
itself. Worked with CJL to get the language pack into the customization 
script. We’re not sure how we missed this as we have done a moderate 
amount of testing with Maori in previous builds, perhaps we saw the 
activities translated to Maori (activities are built differently) and 
just didn’t notice that sugar itself had no Maori.

The language selector is awful. It’s slow to appear, the drop downs 
don’t work the first time you use them and they scroll very slowly 
compared to the number of entries but too fast to easily spot your 
desired language. Sometimes when changing the language, when you click 
the restart now, nothing happens. If you click restart later and then 
restart the whole laptop the changes seem to take affect.

Some activities that we were expecting to be there, were not (maybe we 
are getting confused between builds prepared for different deployments). 
There is no GetBooks but there is Read (without any books!). There is 
also no Infoslice. There is no SocialCalc. There is no eToys.

In Browse we went to and tried to use the touch 
screen to write in the search but that didn’t work, you had to use the 
touchpad button to activate the search box. You also couldn’t just touch 
the button that starts the search, you had to use the touchpad button 
(or enter key). You could however use the touchscreen to select the 
activity to go to the activity page and touch to select download. 
Activities did however download successfully, install and run (like the 
Music keyboard activity btw).
There used to be a menu on the left side of the homepage in Browse but 
it has gone on all the XO-4 homepages. You used to use that menu to 
access maps, images and sound files, as well as any published Infoslice 

Maze works.
Paint works well with touchscreen.
Physics works well with touchscreen.
Implode works well with touchscreen.
Portfolio works.
Measure works well with touchscreen.
Labyrinth works.

Write works and the Maori Macrons (now, after some changes) work. The 
insertion of a table changes the font to times new roman which is not 
actually a listed font available in Write.

We’re not sure if there is a camera in the XO-4 SKU 303 serial 
SHC318001EC we just got from Australia, there is something there but it 
is at best mis-aligned. This laptop did get banged against a wall on 
it’s handle while it was closed. The direction of the impact was mostly 
parallel with the plane of the shut laptop and wasn’t too severe. Could 
this move the camera in the body of the laptop and also break it? 
Firmware camera test fails, record behaves reasonably (it only offers to 
record sound). Barry reports the second XO from the pair in this 
shipment has a working camera. The XO-4 we got from Boston does 
recognise it’s camera on and it can take high and low quality video 
well. Will take photographs and wait for advice before opening.

Moon still fails to start when the XO language is Maori. Previously 
reported in
Clock - loving the new grab hands feature, still doesn’t talk when XO is 
in Maori. Maori issue also reported in the same 3971 ticket.

Labyrinth and Maze are both called Kōwhīwhiwhi - suggests an 
inappropriate translation of Labyrinth (guess it should be translated to 
a word more appropriate for brainstorm/mindmap activity).

On some laptops terminal is called Terminal and on others it is called 

WikipediaEN has not had an activity name translation either but this 
might be deliberate.

Turtleblocks activity has a partial translation inside the activity due 
to new blocks being added. The name of the Turtleblocks activity has not 
been translated (but again that might be deliberate).
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