Corrupted display on XO1.5 when suspended with screen on

Sebastian Silva sebastian at
Fri Jul 5 14:55:56 EDT 2013

Thanks for your detailed answer.

I think it would be wise to try and update our base system, while still 
using sweets Sugar 0.94 + Sugar Network plugin.

There are a number of advantages in this approach:
     * Hopefully user experience is identical (no regressions allowed).
     * F17+ got autoresize filesystem gaining some storage per laptop 
and making .zd files for all sizes.
     * Makes sensible/possible to upgrade using rpms when/if GTK3 
performance issues are resolved.
     * Maybe display issue is solved

We would need to configure OBS to make F17 or F18 rpms (will depend on 
performance, then disk space use) - and also see if the sweets OOB 
modules work well on later versions of OOB. It is an issue of having the 
muscle / time to try it and test it. I think it should be worth it 
before major deployment.


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