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Thu Jul 4 04:53:51 EDT 2013

This comparison has been done a couple of months ago and is clear that
F18/S0.98 taxes the systems considerably.

> What I found interesting in this "unmatched" comparison was the
> inconsistency. They might point to specific stacks in the architecture
> and/or core OS that may need attention (I originally thought was that
> activities with an extended non-python component or proportionally less
> gtk3, fair better on the XO-1.75 - but what do I know ;).
> Anyway, if the knowledgeable believe there is nothing to it or anything to
> be done about it,' there goes the comparison.

No inconsistency here.
Most of the activities you see slower were ported to Gtk3.
Tam-tam suit, speak, calculate, turtle art, maze, moon, record were not
scratch and etoys are not related with Gtk
Browse received a lot of care this months.
Sadly, while the port to Gtk3 and dynamic bindings promised faster start up
time (in theory)
that was never true. Dsd found performance problems and pushed changes
and 13.2.0 is better than 13.1.0, but anyway more work is needed.
Maybe some work can be done in the activities to improve it.
Do you have numbers to share?

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