resurrected XO-1.5, died again

Yioryos Asprobounitis mavrothal at
Tue Jul 2 03:58:17 EDT 2013

>>  I agree.  I've found laptops with looser-than-i-would-like hinge and

>>  motherboard screws after children have been using them.  The hinge
>>  screws that are uncovered by disassembly were the most interesting.
> There was a problem with the manufacturing process which
> resulted in some of the externally accessible hinge screws
> being cross-threaded or not fully tightened on the assembly line.
> This process has been changed, but will require future monitoring.
> wad

Just to clear that my XO-1.5 had nothing loose or missing after reassembly and although I did not use a torsion screwdriver everything was fastened and still is.
Also I did not have it open on my desk but avoided throwing it around too. 

Back to the original question. Should I conclude at this point that there is no information/experience  on the effect of repetition on the effectiveness of the soldering reflow process? (ie try and see what happens ;)

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