GNOME on XO-1.75

Yioryos Asprobounitis mavrothal at
Mon Jul 1 03:55:01 EDT 2013

With the death of my XO-1.5 tried using an XO-1.75 (running 13.2.0-11) for more than just testing.
Although Sugar is pretty solid, GNOME has several little (or bigger) annoyances.
The more serious is that you can consistently crash X (segfaults) if you try to re-organise the firefox bookmarks!
I know firefox is not shipped but epiphany fails to recognize the gamepad for scrolling while is displaying many pages poorly with no option to customize/improve it. 
Filrefox on the other hand recognizes the gamepad and gamekeys (but interprets PK_Home as going to the home page instead the of top of the page).
Another little issue is that clicking on the scroll bar in epiphany (and also gedit and terminal) moves the page to the cursor instead of 1 page down. This is not happening in firefox.
None of these is happening in the sugar side with browse terminal etc, so I'm not sure if they worth a ticket.

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