Solution for "Unimplemented package interface procedure" error on XO-1.5?

Christoph Derndorfer christoph.derndorfer at
Wed Jan 30 14:48:16 EST 2013

Hey everyone,

while updating a bunch of XO-1s and XO-1.5s from the Lubuto Library Project
here in Zambia today we ran into an XO-1.5 which displayed the following
messages upon trying to do a secure reflash 12.1.0:

"Filesystem image found - Signature Valid
Unimplemented package interface procedure"

A quick search on w.l.o turned up this ticket from 2010 (

While it does say that the bug was fixed in subsequent versions it doesn't
really provide a solution on what to do when the issue is encountered.

Am I right in assuming that doing a separate upgrade of the firmware and
then running the OS reflash again would address this? Or is there anything
else I need to do?


Christoph Derndorfer

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