Fedora-18 ARM release: support for OLPC hardware?

Chris Ball cjb at laptop.org
Tue Jan 22 07:53:16 EST 2013


On Tue, Jan 22 2013, Peter Robinson wrote:
>> As I understand it, mvebu is a set of Marvell systems (Kirkwood, Dove,
>> Armada XP) that are unrelated to MMP -- mach-mvebu vs. mach-mmp. The
>> mvebu code doesn't help us.
> I thought the 1.75 chip set was codenamed dove?

It is not.

Marvell has very confusing naming.  Dove aka ARMADA 510 is a desktop SoC
(which we don't use), and MMP2 aka ARMADA 610 aka PXA688 is a mobile SoC
which we use on 1.75.  They don't have much in common technically
despite the similar ARMADA numbering.

The XO-4 uses MMP3 aka PXA2128.  MMP2/MMP3 are derived from Marvell's
purchase of XScale PXA from Intel, and Dove/mvebu aren't.

To summarize, there are MMP models and PXA models and ARMADA models, and
they're all mixed up with each other and some systems have one of each
type of number and some don't, and just because two systems each have a
number in the same type it doesn't mean they're from the same silicon

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