Fedora-18 ARM release: support for OLPC hardware?

Chris Ball cjb at laptop.org
Mon Jan 21 22:11:33 EST 2013


On Mon, Jan 21 2013, John Gilmore wrote:
> I'm way outside the OLPC & Fedora development processes nowadays, which
> is why I'm asking what may be a dumb question.
> The Fedora 18 release is finally out for x86 and x64.  There's a beta
> for ARM that supports half a dozen ARM systems.  Oddly, in my mind,
> OLPC is not one of them.  It's odd because there are probably more
> OLPC systems running Fedora than any other ARM hardware.  In F17, the
> ARM release went to "GA - General Availability" for those half dozen
> ARM boards, again not for OLPC hardware.

Two reasons I can think of:

* We (OLPC hackers) have taken on the burden of creating these builds.
  Our 12.1.0 ARM release is based on Fedora 17, and our 13.1.0 ARM
  release is based on Fedora 18.  We use the Fedora packages directly,
  other than for packages that we've forked or added.

* The systems supported by Fedora all have upstream kernel support, but
  OLPC's ARM systems do not yet have upstream kernel support.  (There's
  no particular barrier; we just haven't had time to push it ourselves.)

- Chris.
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