Announcing Q7B11 for XO-4

James Cameron quozl at
Tue Jan 8 00:49:20 EST 2013

Q7B11 contains:

- new embedded controller firmware,

- support for non-touchscreen models, fixes #12391,

- touchscreen firmware upgrade to, see below for important

- rework of DCON freeze and unfreeze synchronisation, fixes #12394,

- fix failure to suspend with missing camera, #12436,

- remove EC API version 4 support, affects battery status command only
  on units with particularly old EC version,

Important notes about automatic touchscreen firmware upgrade:

XO-4 C1 only: after upgrading to Q7B11 from Q7B10 or earlier, you
should use this command once at the ok prompt:


This will update the touchscreen firmware to

XO-4 B1: these have a clear light guide for which support ended with
touchscreen firmware, so continue to use that version for best
response, but feel free to try later versions if you like.  They can
be downloaded from ... see
for more detail.

James Cameron

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