Is it possible to hack the "rotate" key?

Paul Fox pgf at
Mon Feb 18 08:48:41 EST 2013

ajay wrote:
 > Hi all.
 > Is it possible to hack the "rotate" key in XO?
 > I wish to have the following working ::
 >      * Press the "rotate" key. This will rotate the window.
 >      * Just after that, have a callback function being called in "sugar"
 > (this of course being possible  only if the "rotate" key could be hacked).

as gary points out, the rotate key event (KEY_SWITCHVIDEOMODE) is
caught by olpc-kbdshim.  that code is written to either run a command
attached to the event (currently /usr/bin/olpc-rotate), or pass the
event through, but not both.

if there were consensus that running the command _and_ passing the
event was safe and reasonable, maybe we could do that, though it
doesn't feel right to me.

but i also think gary's on the right track by suggesting you look at
other window events to learn of the rotation changes -- after all,
rotation doesn't require a button press.  it can be caused by manual
xrandr invocation, or simply by someone typing "olpc-rotate left".


 > I will be thankful for any pointers.
 > Regards,
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