What I have to do for the same?

pascal at diogoantunes.org pascal at diogoantunes.org
Tue Feb 5 04:05:39 EST 2013

Quoting Paul Fox <pgf at laptop.org>:

> martin wrote:
>  > If you are using Sugar, you can also disable power management from the
>  > control panel.
> i believe pascal is trying to do something different.  i believe
> he wants power management, but nothing else -- no X, no sugar.  so
> he wants a different run-level to include power management.
> paul
>  >
>  > cheers,

But now, I can't use my XO, it freezes on chargement animation - may  
be due to a wrong inittab.
How can I fix it?

Pascal Diogo Antunes.

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