Anything to be done about a blown XO-1 fuse

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> On Feb 4, 2013, at 8:18 AM, Christoph Derndorfer wrote:
> > Hi again,
> >
> > while investing why an XO-1 wouldn't charge I discovered that the 2A
> fuse near the power plug seems to have been blown and was "fixed" by
> someone simply soldering over it (see the attached photo).
> Wow, first we've seen outside of torture tests!  That fuse should only
> blow if someone tried to
> power the laptop with greater than +/-40V.

Yeah, it must have been quite something because the area around the fuse
has been blackened...

> > Now I'm wondering whether there's anything to be done about that or if
> that's something that essentially can't be fixed in the field?
> Solder down another small 2A fast blow fuse (3A for XO-1.5 or later).
> If a repair center found a blown fuse, I would also recommend checking the
> protective diodes
> D118 and D123.

Okay, thanks a lot for the information. Since I don't have the time to
research where to buy such a fuse and then solder it in I'll just leave
instructions here with the machine. Plus I already gutted that XO for spare
parts so right now it's sitting next to me without a camera, antennas,
battery, etc. ;-)


> Cheers,
> wad

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