What I have to do for the same?

Paul Fox pgf at laptop.org
Sun Feb 3 19:56:45 EST 2013

pascal at diogoantunes.org wrote:
 > Hi,
 > I have a simple question:
 > when I use my XO-1, if I do nothing, after 15 sec, it changes to a  
 > middle-suspend : only the screen isn't off.
 > So what I have to enable or disable to have the same on another init  
 > mod (init 2 for example)?
 > Because I would to have the minimum of services (with my initdefault  
 > on starting up), without modificate my init (5). So for the moment, I  
 > have modificated the inittab, but now, I would to have the  
 > middle-suspend on inactivited use.
 > How and what I have to do?

this is the correct list for your question.

the "middle suspend" you speak of, triggered by inactivity, is
provided by /usr/sbin/powerd.  powerd doesn't care about init
levels, so if you arrange to have powerd run in runlevel 2, then
you will get the same behavior you currently get in runlevel 5.

the configuration for powerd is found in /etc/powerd/powerd.conf.
there is more documentation in the comments in /usr/sbin/powerd itself.
(for better or worse, powerd is a shell script.)  any modifications
you make to the powerd configuration will take effect both in init 5
and in init 2.


 > Thanks in advance.
 > Best Regards,
 > Pascal Diogo Antunes.
 > ps: sorry if i wrote on the wrong list, but i didn't have response on  
 > the test at list.
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