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On Tue, Dec 31, 2013 at 07:06:05PM -0500, Tim Moody wrote:
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> >On Tue, Dec 31, 2013 at 04:11:39PM -0500, Tim Moody wrote:
> >>I reset my xo to q2f12
> >>
> >>on my osbuilder vm:
> >>
> >>I created a localrepo with olpc-firmware-q2-f19-1.unsigned.noarch.rpm
> >>
> >>and added the last line to my .ini
> >>
> >>[repos]
> >>fedora_arch=i386
> >>olpc_frozen_1=0,koji.dist-f17-i686
> >>olpc_frozen_2=0,koji.dist-f17-i686-updates-12.1.0
> >>olpc_frozen_3=1,local.12.1.0
> >>olpc_frozen_4=1,local.12.1.0-xo1
> >>add_excludes_to=koji.dist-f17-i686,koji.dist-f17-i686-updates-12.1.0
> >>custom_repo_1=1,xo1-fw,file:///root/osbuilder/localrepo/
> >>
> >>after running olpc-os-builder
> >>
> >>/var/tmp/olpc-os-builder/output/21004xx0.packages.txt shows
> >>
> >>olpc-firmware-q2-f19-1.unsigned.noarch
> >>
> >>but if I copy-nand 21004xx0.img
> >>
> >>I still have q2f12
> >>
> >>what am I missing?
> >
> >During boot there was no file nand:\boot\bootfw.zip and so the
> >firmware did not upgrade.  For secure laptops this is handled by the
> >firmware, for unsecure laptops this is handled by /boot/olpc.fth
> what I am trying to achieve is installing a custom build with a
> later firmware embedded (bundled) as in
> http://wiki.laptop.org/go/Upgrading_firmware#Automatic

Yes, that's what I thought, hence my earlier reply.

> I thought copy-nand would do this but looking again at
> http://wiki.laptop.org/go/Operating_system_image_installation_methods
> perhaps I missed the obtain developer key step, which is a deal
> breaker because I want this to be usable on all unsecured laptops in
> Haiti.

The page had some errors, which I have fixed.

copy-nand writes the operating system filesystem to internal storage.

The two automatic firmware update methods depend on the operating
system filesystem to contain the signed firmware.

The "obtain developer key" is for disabling security, which is only
necessary on secured laptops.

Therefore you do not need to obtain a developer key for unsecured
laptops in Haiti.

> basically I would like to be able to build a custom version of
> 21021o0.img with q2f19 and some additional rpms and a different list
> of activities and not have to install the firmware as a separate
> step.

Then you are good to go, following my previous mail:

- make a customisation that copies the signed firmware file into your

Also, you may benefit from a boot script on the USB drive to run the
copy-nand step automatically.  The script must be in boot/olpc.fth


\ OLPC XO-1 automatic unsigned install script
: installer

    ." press 'y' to install" cr  \ avoid accidental damage
    begin  key  [char] y  =  until

    " copy-nand u:\21021ht0.img"

    ." install done," cr
    ." please remove USB drive and turn off."
    begin halt again


Derived from the example for XO-1.5, XO-1.75 and XO-4 here:

The installation instructions would be:

- prepare the USB drive with the necessary files,

- insert the USB drive,

- turn on the laptop,

- answer the prompt,

- wait for completion,

- turn off the laptop.

James Cameron

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