Announcing an early Android build for XO-4

James Cameron quozl at
Thu Dec 19 20:01:08 EST 2013

An Android 4.3.1 (Jelly Bean) build for the XO-4 laptop.

OLPC is preparing an Android, Sugar and Gnome dual-boot system for the

An early development release of an Android-only build is available.
It is yet to be optimised for performance.  In particular, the
graphics are very slow.

The build is based on our arm-3.5 kernel, with changes which can be
found in the arm-3.5-android branch of our olpc-kernel repository.

To install it:

- make a backup of anything you want to keep on the XO-4, because it
  will be erased by this test,

- ensure the firmware is upgraded to Q7B37,

- determine the size of your eMMC internal storage; it will be either
  4GB or 8GB, and is shown by the firmware just before the ok prompt,

- download the corresponding .zd file,

- at the ok prompt, type this:

  fs-update u:\a4g.zd

- when the installation completes, type this:


Known problems:

- very slow screen response due to graphics driver needing work, to
  the point of being impractical,

- the power button may not be operational, or may not operate in the
  fashion that Android devices normally provide,

- Bluetooth is not operational,

- USB may not be operational,

- the touchpad is not implemented,

- the ambient light sensor is not implemented,

- the e-book switch is not implemented,

- the microphone jack may not be operational,

- the headphone hack may not be operational,

Do not rely on this build for any critical data.

James Cameron
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