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Barry Vercoe barry at laptop.org.au
Sun Aug 18 01:57:42 EDT 2013

Of Course!!  I used to have that problem when I played long Csound demos 
-- overworking the Flt Pt processor yet untouched by human hands ...   I 
don't know why I didn't relate the two situations.

Turned off power saving, and the problem immediately went away.
No, power saving doesn't turn off automatically when hdmi is plugged 
in.  Perhaps it should ...
Or at least we should have a warning distributed with the hdmi cable 
that the port will turn off after 15 seconds with power saving on.

Thanks all.
-- b

On 18/08/2013 5:26 p.m., Tom Parker wrote:
> On 18/08/13 17:05, Barry Vercoe wrote:
>> OK, with tail -f ... messages, I do see a burst of messages and the
>> projector shows the exact screen.  But only for 15 seconds, when the
>> projector then goes blank and reverts to _No Signal_ until I touch
>> something on the XO like the screen, track pad or some key. Apparently
>> the XO has stopped sending hdmi signals, so the projector is reporting
>> exactly that.
> When the display goes blank, does the power light start flashing to 
> indicate the laptop has gone to sleep?
> Try turning off power saving in the settings. When I was testing, the 
> power saving automatically turned off when I plugged in an external 
> display and turned on again when I unplugged it, but perhaps this 
> isn't working on your laptop?

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