XO-tablet development? [Devel Digest, Vol 90, Issue 8]

John Watlington wad at laptop.org
Wed Aug 14 01:54:47 EDT 2013

By proposing that further development work be native to Android,
you are locking the fruits of that labor away from:

- Any child using a current XO laptop
- Any child using any other Linux laptop, such as the millions of children in Brazil, Venezuela, Argentina, etc...
- Any child using a Windows laptop

Why would you do that ?     By working within the proposed framework (Sugar on HTML5),
these children are supported as well as those using a Android tablet.

As James has already pointed out, the performance penalty of using
HTML5 is minimal --- probably less than that of using Python on most systems,
as much work (independent of OLPC) goes into optimizing its performance.


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