XO-tablet development? [Devel Digest, Vol 90, Issue 8]

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Tue Aug 13 20:58:48 EDT 2013

On 13 Aug 2013, at 19:41, John Watlington <wad at laptop.org> wrote:

> On Aug 13, 2013, at 1:09 PM, Yioryos Asprobounitis wrote:
>>>> Paul wrote:
>>>> If not, which way the tablet/laptop development team is heading?
>>> don't know, sorry. 
>> OK, thanks. 
>> Hopefully someone that does will care to comment.
> It is lack of accurate knowledge of the future, not caring,
> that keeps me from commenting.
>> The current  laptop and tablet implementations  differ significantly and would be important  to have an indication where the (limited) resources should be deployed .
> How would you devote resources to the tablet ?   It is closed source.
> There is an attempt within the Sugar (and OLPC) community to move
> the educational environment to HTML, where it can be used on both
> Android (tablet) and Linux (laptop).   That is where I would suggest
> deploying resources.

Here's a wiki page Lionel Laskè has been keeping ticking over regarding HTML based Sugar efforts, most of the discussions so far have been over on the sugar-devel at lists.sugarlabs.org:


Manuq has been working on some early Sugar-web based activity offerings (to help debug and test the new web api's, intended for the as yet unreleased Sugar 0.100):

	Clock Web: http://activities.sugarlabs.org/sugar/addon/4691/
	Get Things Done: http://activities.sugarlabs.org/sugar/addon/4692/
	Memorize Web: http://activities.sugarlabs.org/sugar/addon/4693/
	Stopwatch Web: http://activities.sugarlabs.org/sugar/addon/4694/
	Paint Web: http://activities.sugarlabs.org/sugar/addon/4695/
	Gears: http://activities.sugarlabs.org/es-ES/sugar/addon/4696/

I'm not aware of much progress yet providing a path towards lower level Sugar features such as Neighbourhood view, Activity collaboration, the Journal, entry sharing, the Frame, for the Android based XO-Tablet offering.


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