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Tue Aug 6 03:27:05 EDT 2013

Great piece of deductive testing Anna, way to go. Forwarding for further


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Date: 5 August 2013 15:02
Subject: [XSCE] Re: Client side Moodle transparent auth broken in 13.2.0
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I just realized that someone will probably ask what's the most recent build
where Moodle transparent auth did work.  Lucky for me, I just had to test
one older.  Moodle transparent auth DOES work in 13.2.0-12.

So whatever broke client side Moodle transparent auth should be confined to

On Mon, Aug 5, 2013 at 2:19 PM, Anna <aschoolf at gmail.com> wrote:

> I very recently upgraded my little herd of XOs to the latest stable build
> 13.2.0-13.  Unfortunately, something in that build has broken Moodle's
> transparent authentication.  When a registered client goes to
> http://schoolserver/moodle, all it gets is the login page.
> Now, that's not unheard of, you can usually just click the "Home" button
> and get automatically logged in.  But when I've seen that before, the XO's
> SN is filled out in the Username field on the login page.  The 13.2.0-13 XO
> doesn't show that.  No matter what you click on in the Moodle login page,
> it never logs in.
> To verify it was a client side issue, I flashed an XO-1 with 13.1.0
> stable, and registered first to be admin.  I also registered a 13.2.0-13 as
> the second client.  On the 13.1.0, I can go to the Moodle homepage and it
> automatically logged me in.  I tried again to access the Moodle homepage on
> the 13.2.0-13 XO-1, but yep, still just got the login page.  On the admin
> XO, I went to Site Administration -> Users -> Accounts -> Browse list of
> users and saw both XOs listed.  It indicated that the 13.2.0-13 client had
> never logged in.
> So, the user account is being created on the server for the 13.2.0-13 XO
> upon registration, but client side transparent authentication is not
> working.
> To verify the 13.2.0-13 XO's Browse Activity is accepting cookies, I went
> to
> http://www.bu.edu/htbin/computing/browsers/troubleshooting/cookietest.pland the test was successful.
> Now, I have successfully tested Moodle transparent auth with previous
> iterations of 13.2.0, perhaps 8 or 9?  So whatever change on 13.2.0 that
> broke transparent auth must have been relatively recent.
> I took a look at the Browse Activity version between the two clients:
> 13.1.0 = Browse 149
> 13.2.0-13 = Browse 149.3
> I knew it wouldn't make a difference, but I also tested the 13.2.0-13 as
> first registration and it doesn't care that its the admin user.  And also
> tested with a fresh flash to make sure there wasn't something sticky in
> there from a previous registration gumming things up.
> I've tested this with the XSCE installed a couple days ago
> (xs-config- and the latest DXS from this morning.  I
> also remembered I have an XS 0.6 (duh, Anna) and the results were the same.
>  I don't have an XS 0.7 installation, but I would expect the same results.
> Since this is a client side issue, I'm not sure where to go from here as
> far as troubleshooting.
> Anna
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