13.2.0 development build 4 released

Daniel Drake dsd at laptop.org
Tue Apr 16 16:00:11 EDT 2013



Latest Sugar (0.98.7) and activity updates:
- Browse updated to v151.
- FotoToon updated to v14.
- JournalShare updated to v3.
- Jukebox updated to v30.
- Log updated to v33.
- Read updated to v108.

GTK3 fix for Sugar clipboard (SL#4483)

olpc-update should work again (#12650).

Latest XO-4 firmware fixes bluetooth test (#12655).

Scratch audio recording now works on XO-4. (#12498)

XO-1.75/XO-4 should no longer experience graphics corruption after
screen rotation (#12542).

Latest package updates including systemd, maliit and wpa_supplicant
(should improve roaming).

Thanks for testing!

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