Transient-Issues with game-keys on XO-1.75

Ajay Garg ajay at
Mon Apr 15 16:50:45 EDT 2013

Hi all.

I have a XO-1.75, SKU198, OLPC-CL1 model.
The firmware is Q4D28.

I seem to be having the game-keys (the "X", "tick", "square", "circle"
keys) that sometime work and sometime not.

To have a more clear picture, I ran "showkey -a", and pressed the keys
numeral times. I observed that ::

  * the "square" key was always "grabbed".
  * rest of the 3 keys were sometimes grabbed, and sometimes not.

Has anyone else run into this issue? Could this be a firmware issue?
Or have my 3 out of 4 keys gone berserk at the same time? :P

Will be thankful for any opinions.


Ajay Garg
Dextrose Developer
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