John Gilmore gnu at
Tue Sep 18 04:10:59 EDT 2012

> How can an HTML5 app be closed source ?  It may not
> be free, and you may not be able to redistribute it, but it is HTML...

It's a scam.  It is "built upon the open source library JSXGraph"
(which is LGPL: ), but
sketchometry itself is proprietary (only "free to use": ).  They do not mention this fact clearly
anywhere - they're trying to hide its proprietary nature while
mentioning "open source" in their press release
).  Of course, since they don't let you download it, they can shut off
your access to it on their website at any time, or change the terms
under which they'd offer it.

(Yes, you can snarf a copy of the obfuscated JavaScript, but it won't
be maintainable.  And you can't legally make copies of it, you'd be
violating their license.)

Restrictively, they support storing your drawings in a couple of
varied "cloud" services -- but not on your own computer.  Its German
authors from the University of Bayreuth don't seem to share OLPC's
mindset and strategies.  I suggest ignoring it...


PS:  It didn't run at all in my Ubuntu Firefox web browser, 
even after I turned on NoScript and RequestPolicy for all
the sites it wanted to download scripts from.

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