[Sugar-devel] Problem downloading a lease.sig file on an XO

Juan Cubillo jcubillo at fundacionqt.org
Thu Sep 13 07:18:16 EDT 2012

> I agree that this is not the best behavior, especially if Browse can 
> potentially determine the original extension while downloading.
> If your XO images have the GNOME desktop in them, using the web 
> browser included for GNOME (Firefox or Epiphany) to download the file 
> to USB should not alter the file name.  Just make sure the kids know 
> how to "eject" the USB stick when they are done.
This is probably what I'm going to do. The idea was to have kids use 
Browse in Sugar but telling them to "go to Gnome" as an extra step seems 
easy enough for a simple unlocking guide.

Thanks for the help!

  - Juan

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