ARM motherboards

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Wed Sep 5 00:43:09 EDT 2012

On Sep 4, 2012, at 10:47 PM, Sameer Verma wrote:

> Hi gang!
> So, is there a minimum number of motherboards that one has to buy?
> Pricing?

Both answers should be available from the email listed in the blog:
countries at

> Any other details?

We've supported this from the beginning by design.   Kits have been available
as spare parts for deployments to purchase.  Upgrading an XO-1 to an XO-1.5
or higher motherboard requires the insertion of a small metal bracket to hold the
WLAN card.   The XO-1.5/1.75 chassis are mechanically identical.
Upgrading an earlier laptop to an XO-4 motherboard will require a
small rubber piece inserted to change the size of one chassis hole
from USB to micro HDMI.

Unfortunately, the mechanics of XO-4 Touch mean it cannot be retrofitted.
You can get the higher performance by upgrading to an XO-4, but sadly
no multi-touch support.

A kit includes all the parts needed to upgrade a particular laptop model.  In
addition to a motherboard (if XO-4 with an internal connector missing)
this generally includes a new heat spreader, a WLAN card (if needed), and
conductive foam/tape as needed to improve the ESD shielding of the earlier
chassis.   We do perform some testing of older laptops upgraded to each
new motherboard design in order to construct appropriate upgrade kits.


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