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The lid message happens  every time to me when I reboot from Linux and immediately enter firmware on any  XO1 on any  build using Q2F12 or 13.  I wasn't testing for any other symptoms on rebooting from Linux,  just that  lid message on a Linux reboot directly into firmware. 

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quozl at said:
> The problem of the unexpected lid closed power down in Open Firmware after a
> warm restart from Linux, will be fixed in the next release.

> The warm restart was not clearing an input inverter on the path from the lid
> sensor to the processor.  A cold restart, using the power button or the bye
> command, was not affected. 

I'm missing something.  If that's the whole story, why doesn't this problem 
show up on every reboot from Linux?  I do that every 4 hours with only 
occasional problems.

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