Nandblaster and OFW

James Cameron quozl at
Wed Oct 24 04:30:33 EDT 2012

No plans that I am aware of yet.

In the meanwhile, you can easily use the underlying words directly on
your USB drive:

" u:\fs2.zd" nb-auto-channel $nb-tx  \ XO-1.75
" u:\fs1.zd" nb-auto-channel $nb-tx  \ XO-1.5

or for nb-secure:

" u:\" " u:\fs2.zd" nb-auto-channel #nb-secure  \ XO-1.75
" u:\" " u:\fs1.zd" nb-auto-channel #nb-secure  \ XO-1.5

On Wed, Oct 24, 2012 at 02:12:43AM -0500, Jerry Vonau wrote:
> Hi All,
> Any plans on updating OFW's nandblaster to make better use of the
> updated naming scheme? Looking at #nb-secure-def and #nb-update-def
> for the 1.75 think that maybe become and for the 1.5 but
> what should fs.zd be? Just to prevent mixing up images between the
> arches maybe o1.zd for the 1.5 and o2.zd for the 1.75 to match the zip
> files? That could help in having a unified layout for updates on a USB
> drive. One stick could handle both arches with only a little renaming
> when first creating the drive. 
> Jerry
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