viafb-camera: Funky IRQ

James Cameron quozl at
Sun Oct 21 16:36:34 EDT 2012

These kernel messages seem normal to me, in that they were present in
manufacturing tests and apparently did not affect the Sugar Record

I don't think the "ffplay -loglevel 7" did anything to change these
messages, since they are emitted by the kernel and not ffplay.

I think you may need to diagnose the freeze a bit further.  Is the
freeze only of your application, or is the freeze also affecting
keyboard, touchpad and other things?

If the freeze is affecting more than the application, I suggest you
attach a serial console and look for kernel output there.  Perhaps you
have found a way to panic the kernel.

On Sun, Oct 21, 2012 at 02:36:54AM -0700, Yioryos Asprobounitis wrote:
> I'm trying to use ffmpeg/ffplay (version 0.6.3-rpmfusion) on os885 to make a simple app for camera recording/viewing on XO-1.5.
> The problem I have is that only the first or a couple of initial frames are showing/recorded and then it freezes there.
> With ffplay -loglevel 7, kernel shows:
> [  473.790518] viafb-camera viafb-camera: Funky IRQ 90200022
> ..... 
> [  474.257107] viafb-camera viafb-camera: Funky IRQ 90200022
> [  478.855311] viacam_quick_irq: 137 callbacks suppressed
> [  478.860016] viafb-camera viafb-camera: Funky IRQ 90200022
> .....  
> [  479.155117] viafb-camera viafb-camera: Funky IRQ 90200022
> [  479.322696] viafb-camera viafb-camera: Release: 329 hard, 167 thread, 162 frames
> [  479.338337] viafb-camera viafb-camera: No frame 0, no buf 5 overruns 5
> Could not find much about "Funky IRQ" on the web 
> #10981 shows a similar kernel output but there is now follow up more than a year now. 
> Anyone has some experience with ffmpeg and via-camera on the XO-1.5?
> Thx
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