Auckland Testing Summary 6 October 2012

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Fri Oct 19 18:52:42 EDT 2012

Auckland Testing Summary 6 October 2012
Who: John, Oliver, Tom, Tabitha

Testing 13.1.0 build 4 on XO-1.75

WikipediaEN and ES both hang when you click the first link. This is very 

Browse crashes when you log in to google docs, you briefly see your list 
of documents. This happens every time.

Alt-tab doesn’t work

Clicking on wifi networks and activities in the ring seems to be
difficult. The only way I could connect to a wifi network was to hover 
away, then hover on the wifi network so the context menu appears and  then
click connect from that menu. Clicking on the wifi network icon  didn’t

In write the UI to insert a floating image is rather strange. The insert 
image icon brings up the choose image dialog while the text below it  does
nothing. If you wait long enough, the floating checkbox appears but  it
took this author several attempts to discover that to actually insert  the
floating image you have to click on the icon again.

Tam Tam Synthlab works

Physics works but still has the graphics glitch near the top of the 
screen and still crashes if you create a complicated enough squiggle.

If you hold down the left mouse button and produce a very long line with 
paint, you find that the screen updates slow down. Even relatively short 
lines start updating only a couple of times a second. It seems to follow 
the cursor faithfully -- it doesn’t produce straight line segments 
between updates. The stop button is in a little drop down menu even 
though there is plenty of room.

Measure seems to loose the correct gain settings somehow, as reported 
last time. Restarting the whole laptop seems to fix it.

Testing on Hoiho XO-1.75 C2
Pass basic test: Ruler, Maze, Implode, Moon, Clock, Record, Browse, 
stopwatch, chart, tamtam mini, labyrinth,
Memorize - you can choose fonts when creating your own tiles :-) when  you
want to play the game you have created, you have to click the 
“play...ame” button.
Help - missing image on keyboard shortcut page.
Fototoon - can’t reorder the images in the storyboard
Speak - the voice is telling me to type but there is no face on the 
screen? oh, it arrived, but took a long time, and then it wasn't
accepting any typing into it, oh it is taking the writing but taking a 
long time... pretty bad in this state

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