Testing XO-4

S. Daniel Francis francis at sugarlabs.org
Fri Oct 12 19:00:10 EDT 2012

Today an XO-4 B1 got my home, thanks a lot for sending one to me.

I dare to make a small review.

*The general performance is good.
Good part:
-The activities most integrated activities with the touch screen for
my viewpoint are TurtleArt, Phisics and Calculate.
Some notes and bugs. I'll not classify them:
-Also with Sugar in Gtk3, I can't use multi-touch, or at least I can't
scroll nothing with my fingers.
-When I turn it on, I can hear the typical sound, but once in Sugar
the audio isn't working.
I'm not sure where to copy the logs, but this is the only textual part
I can copy:
[olpc at xo-96-76-07 ~]$ espeak Hello
espeak: wave_pulse.cpp:691: size_t wave_write(void*, char*, size_t):
Assertion `stream' failed.
[olpc at xo-96-76-07 ~]$
- Record activity shows the camera but it doesn't take photos.
The record activity log hasn't got any error and I don't know which log read.
-The touch screen and touch pad can become crazy sometimes, but it's
not blocker.
-[Critical] On screen keyboard doesn't work. I press the keys and
nothing happens.

Warm regards,

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