XO-4 B1 units

forster at ozonline.com.au forster at ozonline.com.au
Thu Oct 11 04:23:45 EDT 2012

I received my XO-4 today, thanks.

I reflashed to OS5 for XO-4

The touchscreen is out of calibration, up to 10 mm, worse at the screen margins. It seemed OK with the OS it came with but I didnt use it for long before reflashing.

The fascia is misaligned with the game keys, maybe 0.5mm but its not causing problems.

Three times in maybe an 2 hours, the trackpad stopped working, the touchscreen still controlled the cursor though. No obvious errors in log. Reboot to fix.

A few random major lockups, needed a long press on the power button, (in Pippy/lines, Pippy/snow, TA speak block, Maze, Physics, Speak).

Twice I got blank Journal entries (no size, no title, no Activity) but they deleted OK

My Settings/keyboard restarts Sugar

My settings / Date&time cant select city

when a dropdown menu appears, the cursor disappears till you move (also in Abacus, on moving a bead the cursor disappears till you move)

Alt tab doesnt work (I think theres already a ticket)

Journal from the home view takes 2 clicks, first click it minimises (I think theres already a ticket)

Is there an ambient light sensor? (TA doesnt find one, no sign of the screen going monochrome but best I had was light cloud)

Are there any touchscreen gestures beyond drag and click? virtual keyboard? zoom?


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