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Just FYI, I thought this change might be of general interest.


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Hi all,

The GNOME Games module split is now complete; this means that the
gnome-games git repository is obsolete and shouldn't be committed to.
There will be individual releases for each of the games from 3.7

The new git repositories are

glchess                 -> gnome-chess*
glines                -> five-or-more
gnect           -> four-in-a-row
gnibbles                -> gnome-nibbles
gnobots2                -> gnome-robots
gnome-sudoku    -> gnome-sudoku
gnomine                 -> gnome-mines
gnotravex               -> gnome-tetravex
gnotski                 -> gnome-klotski
gtali                   -> tali
iagno           -> iagno
lightsoff             -> lightsoff
mahjongg                -> gnome-mahjongg
quadrapassel    -> quadrapassel
swell-foop              -> swell-foop

Bugs are still tracked in the gnome-games module for now, but they
will be migrated to new bugzilla products once they are ready.

Aside from that it's business as usual!


*gnome-chess is not pushed yet as there is an archived module using
this name. https://bugzilla.gnome.org/show_bug.cgi?id=685539
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