[OLPC New Zealand] [OLPC-AU] Auckland Testing Summary 29 September 2012

Sridhar Dhanapalan sridhar at laptop.org.au
Mon Oct 8 18:53:52 EDT 2012

On 8 October 2012 16:56, Jerry Vonau <jerry at laptop.org.au> wrote:
> On 6 October 2012 13:27, Walter Bender <walter.bender at gmail.com> wrote:
>> Hmm. I thought activities.sugarlabs.org was a bit smarter than that.
>> That said, the bundle could have come from elsewhere.
> Well it is if you use browse to view activities.sugarlabs.org, but I suspect
> the activity was downloaded to a usbkey on a different machine then auto
> installed by launching it from the usbkey. Think the real fix might run deep
> into sugar's inner workings, some discussion at
> http://sugardextrose.org/issues/1532

This is one of our greatest sources of technical support troubles.
People install incompatible bundles, sometimes over an existing
working one. If the activity is protected (which we do for our core
set), it can't be removed or downgraded easily.

IMHO the system should tell the user if the bundle they're installing
is not compatible with the OS/Sugar version they have installed.


Sridhar Dhanapalan
Engineering Manager
One Laptop per Child Australia

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