[OLPC-AU] Auckland Testing Summary 29 September 2012

Deepak Muddha deepak at laptop.org.au
Mon Oct 8 01:33:42 EDT 2012

On 6 October 2012 10:17, Tom Parker <tom at carrott.org> wrote:

> Auckland Testing Summary 29 September 2012
> Who: John, Oliver, Tabitha, Tom
> Testing build 44 11.3.1-au
> XO-1.75:
> Browse 192.3!! Rocking like it’s January 2010!
> Based on Firefox 3.6.23, 5 security releases made since!
> http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/**Firefox_3.6#cite_note-41<http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Firefox_3.6#cite_note-41>
> Crashes if you visit large image, previously reported as olpc #11569
> Google docs complains browser is out of date.
> Can create google docs unlike latest Browse
> Can open links in new tabs unlike latest Browse
> It’s quite slow, get slow script warning on wikipedia!
> Somehow we managed to download a new webkit browse.xo and install it on
> one laptop. This version of browse didn’t work at all. We got this version
> by downloading on an x86 laptop from a page with a big list of versions
> (sorry, we don’t know exactly where). Shouldn’t the XO refuse to install
> something that won’t actually work with it?
> Record locked up when I recorded video on Hoiho. Force quit worked, but
> camera light stays on and record just has a grey preview when you restart
> it. This only happened once.
> Record doesn’t work on high quality see olpc #11668.
> On Moa usb drives don’t show up on the frame or get auto mounted. The
> drive shows up in /var/log/messages and /proc/partitions. After a reboot
> this worked ok. I think we saw this back in the day.
> Distance doesn’t work at all, see olpc #11596. This activity should be
> removed if it can’t be fixed.
> Edit starts with the focus somewhere invisible, you have to click on the
> canvas before it does anything.

Can you explain in a detail for the above defect please.

> XO-1.5 Ivy
> maze works
> ruler works
> speak works
> paint works
> memorize works
> crazy touchpad/pointer?
> write
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