SD Card bug? XO 1.75 (Repeat post)

John Watlington wad at
Sun Oct 7 17:43:38 EDT 2012

On Oct 7, 2012, at 2:04 PM, RJV wrote:

> Bug?
> A SD card, with a .Rpm file, crashes the XO whereas any external device should only be used as a booting device if there is a boot image in it or is  this an assumption in XO? 

We would need to know if your XO is in developer mode or "locked down".

> I re-flashed the XO but the Linux installation needs to be re-done.
Huh ?  Were you running something other than the OLPC build ?

> Thoughts or any past experiences, anyone, on this?
Shouldn't happen.   One possibility is that some XO-1's weren't as robust as they
should have, and many SD cards push the standard.   Try another card if possible,
or run some data tests of the SD card to test this. 


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