12.1.0 on XO-1 customization stick

Tony Anderson tony_anderson at usa.net
Thu Nov 15 19:16:04 EST 2012


As I understand it, if you make your own build, it cannot be installed 
on a 'locked' laptop unless you have local signing capability. It is 
also my understanding that this capability is only available to one 


On 11/15/2012 05:54 PM, James Cameron wrote:
> On Thu, Nov 15, 2012 at 12:34:32PM -0500, Tony Anderson wrote:
>> Hi,
>> One alternative is to write a simple script to do this using
>> sugar-install-bundle.
>> I put the activities to be installed on the stick.
>> An example,
>> #run as olpc
>> cd /run/media/olpc/xxx #so relative paths work
>> #remove unwanted activity
>> rm -rf /home/olpc/Activities/someactivity.activity
>> #rm activity even if not installed just to ensure clean install
>> rm -rf /home/olpc/Activities/newactivity.activity
>> #install new activity
>> sugar-install-bundle newactivity-1.xo
>> sudo poweroff #ensures xo will be restarted to register activities
>> This also avoids the 'signing' issues in building a custom image.
> Could you be more specific about these issues?

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