Maliit ticket location

Daniel Drake dsd at
Mon Nov 5 14:29:08 EST 2012


We are currently a little disorganised in our maliit ticket filing -
we have some tickets on SL trac, and some on OLPC trac.

This isn't really a problem for us, but it is for outsiders; and
Michael (mikhas) from maliit upstream is interested in keeping an eye
on things. (We should definitely take him up on that offer, since he's
so helpful.)

So, I propose that we use the trac for all maliit
tickets from this point. There is a "keyboards - on screen" component

This would affect tickets that relate to our work and troubles with
Maliit directly (e.g. SL#4051), but not those that relate to
challenges with Sugar-specific integration items (e.g. SL#4150,
SL#3887, SL#4106)

Any objections? If not I will move the 3-4 maliit tickets from SL to
OLPC and we'll go from there.


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