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> > The test was done is Sugar and during the entire test
> the backlight was on and the "rolling" count output was
> displayed in the terminal activity. The XOs were associated
> with the same AP but no network or other activity was
> running.
> That's a crazy test.

I do not think I claimed a sophisticated test.
Just used what I needed at the time.
The fact that is shows that the XO-1.75 is slower but more efficient than the XO-1.5  does not make it "crazy" nor wrong, if you are able to evaluate it for what it does.
Certainly not worthy of aphorisms 

> If you want an idea of low-level performance, I can suggest
> running LMBench.

Thanks for the advice. If you can point to an lmbench rpm or how to compile it without bitkeeper, by now a commercial software, would be even better.

> For battery performance, you want normal use under battery.

The XOs use 100% CPU, if you do anything with them other than looking at the screen.
I would think that a test that uses 100% cpu is as close to "normal" as it gets when we are talking XO use.

> If you
> want an aggressive, unrealistic, artificial "burn as much
> battery as
> fast as possible", try running "runin" scripts.
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