maintainer proposal for libusb lua binding

Andres Aguirre aguirrea at
Sun May 27 17:42:31 EDT 2012

Hi, we are working at the project Butiá (, creating an inexpensive, open-source
and versatile robotic platform to teach robotics and computer science in
public schools. It builds on the Sugar software and XO hardware, in order
to turn the XO into a low-cost educational mobile robot with high
capability and computing power.

We started using arduino mega board, now we are using a custom design based
on the pic 18f4550 which is a full USB device in contrast with the arduino
which is connected through a USB-serial converter.
The core of the software has a small server programmed in Lua that exports
the services of the robot. To use this server, lua and luasocket are
necessary, both of them available in the olpc linux distribution. The
problem is that we use a binding of libusb 1.0 for lua and we distribute
this binary in the .XO compiled for a fedora 14 distro. For us it is a
problem to include the binary because this difficults the porting to sugar
versions with different version of glibc or porting to others hardware
architectures like the XO 1.75.

We propose to be maintainers of a rpm package which implement the binding
to libusb 1.0  for lua in order to include this package in the olpc distro

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