First impressions of a new XO user

Bernie Innocenti bernie at
Thu May 24 00:33:04 EDT 2012


a coworker got an old XO-1 and asked me to refurbish it for his kids. So
I asked him to test OLPC-OS 12.1.0 build 11 and report any problems he
ran into. New users can offer a fresh perspective on things that we give
for granted.

Some of the items below could be turned into trac tickets or wishlist
items (provide a way to kill activities, provide a way to wipe the user
profile, make more activities work in tablet mode...). If you need more
information from the reporter, feel free to contact him directly at
diegolino at

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Subject: primo bug report
Date: Wed, 23 May 2012 15:24:02 -0400

My older kid (7yr) and I had a lot of fun last with the OLPC. We
played maze, we took pictures and more.
The younger kid (15mo) seemed confused by the lack of a touch screen  :-)

- I can't find a way to connect to a network with hidden SSID. I tried
to add my network using Gnome, but I couldn't find a "Connect" button
there. Back to Sugar, the hidden network is still hidden.

- The audio/video system seems unreliable. "Record" takes a long time
to start. When I try to record (audio or video) the success rate is
around 30% - the activity gets stuck. I can leave the activity but it
keeps running in the background (green leds for camera and mike still
on). How can I kill the activity entirely?

- I found a recording in the Journal, but the Play activity failed
with something as "resource busy".

- While playing maze, with some gesture I changed the borders from the
activity-specific border/menus to a different view. The only way out
was the "square" button on top right. What's the gesture in and out of
the activity-specific border/menus?

- Only maze and collapse seem to work in game mode (rotated screen,
use of the joypad). The other activities all requires a mouse. That's
too bad.

- Is there a way to upload an Epub and use the computer as an
e-reader? Is there a mode where the backlight is off (I heard rumors
like that)?

- Reliability seems an issue. For a reason or another, I ended up
rebooting every few minutes when I was switching among apps. When I
stuck to play maze, everything was smooth and my kid did a million
runs through the labyrinth. Just out of curiosity, did you install a
beta build, or is it supposed to be stable? I don't mind "dogfooding",
but I would be worried if this is the build going out to the public.

- Is there a way to wipe it and restore to factory? You mentioned
something like that.


 _ // Bernie Innocenti

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