Offtopic: directional antenna for XO-1.75?

Martin Langhoff martin.langhoff at
Wed May 23 20:46:22 EDT 2012

I am expecting to take a brief holiday out in the sea. Many bays with
anchorage also have bars and restaurants with open wifi. I prefer to enjoy
breakfast on board... and get my interweb fix from afar.

Is there any directional wlan antenna kit or setup that is practical with
an XO?

Maybe something that has the same antenna plugs as the XO antenna? I can
cut the green bumper.

Or a usb-wlan device that is both supported by our standard builds and easy
to hook up to a directional antenna?

Or something else entirely?

I will need to mount it on something that swivels easily, as the boat
changes position with wind and currents when anchored.


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