Closing audio devices on activity switch (was: Re: [PATCH powerd] audio inhibit support)

Sascha Silbe silbe at
Tue May 22 17:23:53 EDT 2012

[CC'ing sugar-devel as this is about Activity development]

Walter Bender <walter.bender at> writes:

[Closing the audio device when switching from Measure to something else]
>> What about non-sugarised audio players? Jukebox seems to be broken, so
>> someone using a Gnome application (e.g. Rhythmbox) instead would seem
>> rather likely.
> I presume that in order to run the GNOME app, you need to either exit
> Sugar or launch Terminal. In either case, notify::active should be
> enough. Or am I not understanding something?

Hmm, thinking about this again, the music player probably isn't that
good of an example here. You'd want it running in the background,
playing music all the time, not just while you're away from Measure.

But just to counter your argument: You can a) easily bind application
launches to keyboards shortcuts with metacity (so no Terminal required)
and b) have started the application already and just switch windows to
use it. Hmm, maybe the music player still fits in here: Start the music
player to play some music before start of lesson, use Measure during
lesson (keeping the music player running), play some music again in the
break, use Measure again. Only slightly contrived IMO. :)

Let's make it work as well as we can without going to great
lengths. Users will always find novel ways to use our software, I
wouldn't want to limit what they can do just because we couldn't think
of a use case involving that particular kind of transition.


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