pointer (touchpad) aceleration and threshold too low in 11.3.* builds

Sascha Silbe silbe at activitycentral.com
Fri May 18 16:51:01 EDT 2012

"Eduardo H. Silva" <hoboprimate at gmail.com> writes:

> P.S.- is there a script that is run when Sugar starts where I could
> place the xset command?

~/.xsession is usually a good place to stick X session
customisations. On OLPC OS, ~/.xsession works differently than on most
systems (it's behaving more like ~/.xsessionrc does on systems where
that file is supported), but it's still a good place for your xset.

While not meant for this kind of usage, ~/.sugar/debug should also work
currently. It may break with future Sugar versions, though.


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