Downgrading XO-1.75

James Cameron quozl at
Thu May 17 01:37:10 EDT 2012

Ah, yes, known issue, it won't boot, because of a device-tree related
change.  The kernel for 11.3.0 won't know about it, and likely won't start.

Please try this:

- ensure 11.3.0 is installed,

- get to the ok prompt and type

  false to use-fdt? boot

- observe the boot process.

If it boots fine, edit /bootpart/boot/olpc.fth add "false to use-fdt?"
after the first line of the file.  That should remove the need to use
the command on every boot.

If you don't get it working with this, we should next look at a serial
console boot log.

James Cameron

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