XO1/os31 update-nand issues

Mikus Grinbergs mikus at bga.com
Mon Mar 26 10:45:25 EDT 2012

> Don't use update-nand on XO-1 against a non-partitioned image.
> Once a signed build becomes available, the instructions should
> be changed to using the four-game-key method of starting the
> process, without any typing required.

I myself keep several "build versions" on one (large) USB stick, so I do 
need to type - to indicate which "build version" I'm installing.

I've been going by the filename-extension -- using 'copy-nand' for .img 
and using 'update-nand' for .onu -- but I was surprised to have to use 
'copy-nand' with the 12.1.0 os5 for XO-1 -- 'update-nand' told me the 
file length was incorrect.


p.s. James - I have a "weak" XO-1, on which I often needed to redo an 
attempted install (because fetching the data off the USB stick happened 
to experience a file read error).  Mitch Bradley came up with a timing 
change in q2e46a.rom which in my testing made 'copy-nand' run smoothly 
on that "weak" XO-1.

I noticed that with one of this year's q2f roms that I again had to redo 
'copy-nand' on that "weak" XO-1.  Did the q2e46a change ever make it 
into the q2f roms ?

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