New boot animation for 12.1.0

Richard Smith richard at
Mon Mar 26 08:25:37 EDT 2012

> My point was if you hit escape once it stops you can see where the
> boot is stopping so to find out what is causing the problem.

He reported that doesn't work.

>> pause at the ok prompt, but BEFORE the boot process stalls. [Once booting
>> has paused at the single dot, pressing escape does nothing.]

I suspect what may be happening is that the screen is not getting
unfrozen.  So even though the system is running you won't ever see
anything and pressing escape won't help.

When you boot with pretty boot disabled check to see if powerd is
running.  If powerd isn't starting right then I don't think the screen
will get unfrozen.

Richard A. Smith
One Laptop per Child

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