New boot animation for 12.1.0

Mikus Grinbergs mikus at
Sun Mar 25 17:50:35 EDT 2012

>> I do not think the two-step progression from one dot to three dots is very
>> useful.  Particularly since on an XO with 21005xx1 with both an USB hub and
>> an USB-ethernet adapter plugged in, "pretty boot" stalls with the one dot
>> showing.  [No change after 30 minutes;  no clue as to what the user should
>> do now.]  Note - the same setup with pressing the check button (_no_ pretty
>> boot) will boot correctly to completion.>
> Hit escape and you'll get the output and you can see what it's doing.

That just brings me into "non-pretty" boot -- which I already know will 

Besides, hitting escape has to be precisely timed -- AFTER it would 
cause a pause at the ok prompt, but BEFORE the boot process stalls. 
[Once booting has paused at the single dot, pressing escape does nothing.]

If I wanted to run non-pretty boot -- much simpler to press the check 
button as the XO-1,5 powers on.


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