IN 2 WKS: OLPC/Sugar Doc Sprint Apr 6-10 in Boston

Holt holt at
Fri Mar 23 07:47:30 EDT 2012

Thanks to the dozen great writers/communicators who've RSVP'd and 
committed to attend!   I've posted all your flight dates here:

Fantastic News -- 3 absolutely stellar volunteers have stepped forward 
keeping us all on track:

  1) Before the sprint, Mark Battley (Kenya, Tanzania) will be hacking 
Sugar video tutorials, and then showing us all how -- with his amazing 
new Sugar-on-a-Stick equipment & rig that stands to empower all, to make 
their own Khan Academy / personal Sugar tutorials (very 
compelling shorts vids) around FotoToon, Scratch, Etc.

  2) During the Apr 6-10 sprint itself, like he did incredibly in Sept 
2008, Seth Woodworth will do his very best act as Editor helping all 
keep focus on our actual and Help Activity, no 
matter how long or short your own chapter!  Most Crucially, Seth can 
provide us stylistic guidelines (text & screenshots) as well as package 
it up in a browser as best he can, cognizant of our always-evolving doc 
dreams, eg: and .  
Plz all go out of your way to support Seth, offering to volunteer for 
this absolutely priceless endeavor!!

  3) An action-packed social calendar is coming together thanks to Laura 
de Reynal, so you can get to know Boston in the evenings, kicking back 
with new Sugar/OLPC volunteers bringing exciting new from far reaches of 
the planet, /never forgetting why we're all here :)/

THANK YOU All for attending, _working your asses off on your favorite 
chapter most important,_ remembering to RSVP (holt at so I can 
confirm OLPC HQ's small office in fact has room for you!  And until we 
meet in exactly 2 weeks, keep your eyes on our wiki and evolving plans here:  (click EDIT on top, whatever your chapter 
plans, fill us in!)
Virtual Romance Ain't :) * Book Sprints depend on the in-person dynamic 
around 1 single table.  Still, if in-person attendance is abolutely 
impossible, please talk to Caryl Bigenho on our public 
list<mailto:library at> *library at* 
( if you are motivated to write 
a particular chapter, but cannot attend in person, thanks!! EG. We're 
thrilled OLPC Australia's Education Manager Tracy Richardson hopes to 
contribute remotely.*

*Accommodations Are:* Everyone's responsible for their OWN housing in 
Boston, but if you're completely stuck call me and I just MIGHT be able 
to help!!

Help kids everywhere map their world, at !

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